A 36 m long sawing line was designed, produced and installed by TECHNIC ONE for a subsidiary of the ArcelorMittal group located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Its main advantages are : automisation giving more flexibility and increased productivity, reliability and long lifetime, minimal maintenance, a modular system which enables low cost adaptation of the line for other uses, possibility to by-pass some modules as each module is mechanically independent (for enhanced and simplified control of the line, in addition to easier management in case of a production incident), profitability (no line stoppages for strapping), operators´ safety , user friendliness for operators,...

The line includes a high performance saw unit with a vertical clamping device, two roller conveyors (entry and exit), and three stops, one of which is retractable.


The start of the line includes 2 hydraulic load clamp units and an automatised post-drop off repositioning system.


The power cabinet unit continuously manages the control of the motors and frequency converters. The line benefits from a clamping pressure reduction system for sawing profiles with thin walls.


The control console manages the saw automisation. The operator can simultaneously save several production configurations via an ergonomic display,in addition to using pre-saved configurations.