TECHNIC ONE installed 2 production lines for a leading manufacturer of cabins for engineering and agricultural machinery. TECHNIC ONE equipment enables more comfortable working conditions for staff and significant increases in productivity.

TECHNIC ONE developed two 100 m motorised conveyor chain lines. The automation synchronises workstation movement.


Rotary tables enable cabins to make a half turn at the end of the line. In this way the length of the assembly line is doubled without requiring extra floor area.


Each line has 18 workstations, a loading station and an unloading station. The operator at the end of this line activates the automatic transfer, managed by an encoder.


The cabins are automatically directed from one workstation to another, via conveyor chains embedded in the floor.


The pallet transporters are equipped with lifting stations for easy access to different areas of the cabins during manufacture.


Each workstation is equipped with a control panel to manage the assembly progress and activate the validation button once assembly is complete. An emergency stop button enables the line to be instantly stopped.